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Technical Interpretation of "BIB-IPFS Handshake Communication Chain Point"
2019-08-27 16:55

Technical Interpretation of "BIB-IPFS Handshake Communication Chain Point":

BIB-IPFS (BI ecology-InterPlanetary File System) is a point-to-point distributed file system, which enables computing devices connected by the whole block chain to have the same file management mode. In a sense, this concept is similar to the original idea of the Web, but in fact IPFS is more like a single Bittorrent user group forwarding Git targets to each other.

IPFS is a general purpose infrastructure, basically without storage constraints. Large files are cut into small chunks and can be downloaded from multiple servers at the same time. IPFS network is a fixed, fine-grained and distributed network, which can well meet the requirements of content distribution network.

IPFS fundamentally changes the way of lookup, which is its most important feature. With HTTP we look for location, while with IPFS we look for content.

IPFS does not care about the location of the central server, nor about the name and path of the file, but only about the content that may appear in the file.

BI Ecolog's original BIB-IPFS has the quality of becoming an Internet subsystem, and can completely or even replace HTTP through reasonable configuration. This will be an important application and technological change in the history of block chain.

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