Congratulations to BI Ecology for investing in the Noah Wealth Foundation!
Ecological 、co-construction 、value sharing.
2019-05-09 18:00

Through the efforts of headquarters, the upgrade mainly made the following technical updates and adjustments.

1、Enhancing UI Screen Optimizing Clarity Experience

2、Strengthen the matching degree of transaction matching function module

3、User data AES256 security transfer level.

4、Correction of the latest price display and other issues.

5、KYC user registration process optimization.

6、Announcement system underlying framework updates (next version online)

7、Data connection technology preparation between public chain development and Bi exchange。

8、Thread-proof technology security patch update.

Opening time: 8:00 2019-5-10 Thank you for your long-term support, let us work together to achieve the world's first-class sharing, building, win-win trading platform!

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