Congratulations to BI Ecology for investing in the Noah Wealth Foundation!
Ecological 、co-construction 、value sharing.
The development plan of BI ecology and future prospects

From Satoshi Nakamoto dug the first Bitcoin blocks,to February 2019, The value of the entire digital currency has risen to 200 billion US dollars.Though exsiting Speculation,the activation of Digital currency market attributed to the convenience and flexibility of digital currency in circulation and payment,expectations for global asset decentralization. Encrypting digital currency as a new technology and finance format of Internet,Causes a huge response within the globe.It will bring profound changes to the global financial system.Meanwhile,large capital and top venture capital firms begin to enter the digital currency market.

At the start of 2019, BI ecology will obtain A round of 5 million US dollars investment from Noah Wealth Management Foundation

Looking back 2018, BI ecology layout in the field of digital currency trading,pushing the development of industry. In the past year,the founding team work hard to push the global layout.

In March 2019,We plan to complete brand upgrade,Officially launch millions of internationalized domain,and announced the revolutionary operational philosophy of “value sharing,ecological co-construction, and platform sharing”,return value to the creators.

BI ecology has now deployed servers in North America and Southeast Asia.

At the same time, the new exchanges are launched in 7 countries around the world, and more than 100 countries can access the registration and participate in the platform.

BI ecology will open new layout and planning in 2019

In 2019, BI ecology will be based on the exchanges,develop BI ecology ECO system,and it will use BIB's innovative mining mechanism to get more super node and creation node of BIB.What’s more,We will promote the construction of ecology,to offer more infrastructures for BIB. 。

The source code of BI ecology has been published on the world's authoritative website, weekly updates are visible.

Moreover, In the smart contract, you can clearly see the mining mechanism and rules of BIB.We promise to Give all nodes taking part in BI ecology a fair, transparent mechanism

BIB public chain is also under development.

BIB will be used by more technical teams because of its importance.

For example: Token development, smart contract and Dapp development, credit certification system construction, decentralized wallet, etc.

BIB commercial level

With the continuous development of BI ecology, the application of BIB will be more abundant.

For example: settlement of the exchange board, mortgage on the project , over-the-counter transactions, etc.Someting including live, commonweal,finance, social, gaming, media will be focus of BI ecology development. Having BIB is equivalent to having the original stock of the entire ecology. The landing of the ecology will also accelerate the circulation and use of BIB, making BIB more valuable.

2019 will be a key day for the development of Blockchain industry,and It will also a new start for Blockchain industry. Digital currency exchange as a bridge linking digital assets and investors,is very important.

BI ecology hopes that more like-minded blockchain companies will join the BI ecology alliance,work together to promote and improve the BI ecology ecosystem. BI ecology believes that the global blockchain industry will have a big change in 2019,the stronger will be stronger. The future belongs to technology, Technology belongs to innovation.Better innovation,better development

Take part in the BI ecology construction will have great success in this era.

BI ecology firmly believes that we are practitioners of the blockchain industry and witnesses!

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