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Ecological 、co-construction 、value sharing.
BI ecology: technology reshapes the world
2019-04-27 09:00

Hello, Bi ecology members around the world,

I'm William Rowswell, Bi ecology’s co-founder, former senior systems engineer at Amazon and an early participant in bitcoin.

It’s my honor to share Bi ecology with you on video, I believe It won't be long before we meet.

The reason why I promote the development of decentralized ecological transaction platform is very simple, the blockchain really changes the way of value transmission and benefit distribution.

The emergence of Bi ecology is to solve the problem of uneven distribution of value creators.

Blockchain is a new technology that would subvert the world. We should use blockchain technology to reconstruct the world, to make the world fairer and simpler, and let every single one get a chance to participate into this new trend and get into a new round of wealth distribution.

Bi ecology is a platform which is fair to every one involved. We write the BIB mining mechanism in the mechanism of intelligent contract, and published it on the most authoritative website in the world. Once the program is started, the contract is automatically executed, and no one can change the program in the intelligent contract.

A very important reason for me is to have more people to participate in Bi ecology ecological transaction platform and mine platform currency BIB, so more members can reach a certain consensus on the platform, build the BIB ecology together, and share the benefits.

The overall arrangement in the past four years is just beginning, the main BIB network will be officially launched in 2020.

At the mean time, we are studying cross-chain matching technology and we believe it will come true in the near future. When the technology is implemented, it will have a huge impact on the centralized exchange.

I truly believe that the trust between people does not need a third party platform, but only through technology.

The train of era has come, let us work together to build a brand new future of Bi ecology multiple ecological platform!

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