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BIecology technical analysis

BI ecology Local Technology Introduction

BI ecology is based on a powerful distributed system architecture, a service-oriented architecture, and a basic set of six high-performance servers.

Support load balancing, dynamic and static separation, only the database uses 40 sets of high-performance database combination mode to improve system load capacity and response speed, build high-performance SQL services, MongoDB, Redis supplemented mode, which Redis cache , MongoDB to store big data; use Nginx proxy function, algorithm polling load balancing; use Druid for real-time data query and analysis, quickly process large-scale transaction data; use Dubbo to manage all services, high performance and transparency Access application to achieve soft load balancing and fault tolerance; MQ message queuing mechanism to alleviate the pressure of the system in a high concurrent environment, thus ensuring system stability and capital security; and using Node+Soketio for real-time data push, users are always in control Latest trading situation.)

The BI ecology system is rich in functions and powerful. The unique full-interface fast charging and coin-saving self-service function provides customers with the most convenient means of transferring funds. In-depth operation of safe and reliable price limit, market price, plan three trading modes, a variety of trading modes freely combined to fully cover the needs of users, using exclusive advanced algorithms to automatically complete the transaction. The platform's proprietary accounting mechanism monitors all users' funds and multi-dimensional proprietary reports to ensure that funds are accurate and secure. Proprietary and powerful log management to fully grasp the system status and ensure the stability and security of the system. The unique free and flexible system configuration and dynamic management of the front-end website bring great convenience to the use of the platform. The platform can trade existing virtual digital currency in the market, or use the platform to customize the virtual digital assets of different algorithms, and use the unique hot and cold wallet multiple encryption storage technology to ensure the security of virtual digital currency.

The privacy protection of BI ecology

The privacy module provides encryption contract related services and various privacy solutions.

(1)Encryption contract

A cryptographic contract solution is available for smart contracts with privacy requirements. In a cryptographic contract, the information in the smart contract is encrypted, and the transaction that invokes the contract is also encrypted. Private transactions use a local consensus approach. The execution of a private transaction is divided into two steps: the first step is pre-processing, which converts the private transaction into a common transaction [S1=>S2] (S1 and S2 are respectively before and after the transaction is executed). The ciphertext status of the smart contract); the second step is to pack [S1=>S2] as a normal transaction into the block.

Encryption contract solution

(2)Privacy solution

Sensitive data is encrypted by splitting, encrypted by AES-256, and stored independently of the server to prevent user privacy from leaking.

BI ecology platform engine description and core technology

The platform is based on SSM+Redis efficient cache architecture, database connection pool adopts druid, database read-write monitoring, convenient data optimization and tuning, BI ecology adopts high-performance rule engine technology drools, based on this technology, cloud independent research and development dynamic generation The drl rule file is used for decision processing.

The rule engine builds a high-performance storage database, which can support ultra-high read/write frequency, unique configuration data source collection, intelligent analysis, merging, aggregation, and statistics of three-party data to form rich data objects for rule policy editing calls.

The technology of BI ecology is strong. The main team is in Japan, and some of them are from the United States, Canada, France, and Russia. They have rich talents in blockchain, software, finance, and other industries. They have deep technical knowledge and deep understanding of the future of various industries. A wide range of resources is a strong guarantee for the future of the BI ecology ecosystem.

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