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How does Bi ecology stand out in the competition of exchange?
2019-10-25 18:30

How does Bi ecology stand out in the competition of exchange?

It is nearly ten years since the birth of the first digital currency exchange in 2010.

But this year is a very unusual year for the exchange track. No matter the newly born exchange or the closed exchange, no matter at home or abroad, the number is more than in previous years.

Obviously, the exchange has become a very crowded race track, which is a must for the strategists of the industry. With the continuous entry of new exchanges and the increasingly depressed market, the exchange track is likely to face a large-scale reshuffle

There is no way in the world. With more people walking, it will become a way. There were no first-line, second-line and third-line exchanges at the exchange track. There were more people who liked to stick labels, so there were first-line, second-line and third-line exchanges.

However, if the first-line exchanges are ABC, you may say that the current ABC is bitmex, birrrex, Qian'an, etc. But there is no standard for judging. Maybe they are better than others at present, so they call it that for the time being.

What are the future ABC companies? It's too early to make a conclusion at the tempting and competitive track of the exchange.

In June 2018, fcoin, which is growing rapidly through trading and mining, achieved the first trading volume in the world in a very short period of time.

Because of its business model, fcoin failed to play the role of a disruptor. The failure of fcoin trading and mining is due to the problem of mechanism. However, in the whole process, the first-line exchanges are afraid that the birth of troublemakers will be reflected vividly. Because the Jianghu is not big, an exchange with excellent business model is likely to break the order of the whole exchange circuit in a short time.

In May 2019, the Bi ecology exchange came into being. Based on Seychelles, Bi ecology will vigorously promote the Bi ecology ecosystem with the exchange as the core. Through the Bi ecology token incentive model, more super nodes and creation nodes will be recruited globally, and the eternal nodes will jointly promote the ecological construction. In the process of ecological construction, all nodes will obtain the whole ecological income.

Bi ecology, as an exchange that can stir the rise of the players, will inevitably lead a group of people to become rich. An exchange with such potential is also the direction that global investors are constantly looking for.

In the digital money market where the project side and the investors are constantly playing games, it is a negative sum game, because in the process of continuous playing games, the huge handling fees and the money fees are earned by the exchange, which is also the reason why the top institutions in the world are all investing in the exchange. The gains of the exchange are created by the users and the project side, but the profits are taken away by the founding team and the capital side. Bi ecology was founded. The team felt that this was unfair, so they created a bi ecology exchange and put forward the global revolutionary operation concept of "value sharing, ecological co construction and platform co ownership"

The emergence of Bi ecology will break the current situation of the market, be willing to return the value to the essence, return to the creator's hands, and be willing to allocate 80% of the whole ecological income to the bib holders.

The transaction and circulation of digital assets will drive the progress of the industry. The future transaction market should be a very low transaction cost, very safe, very free thing.

But at present, the number and operation mode of the whole digital asset exchange is very unhealthy for the development of the whole industry, and very inconsistent with the operation logic of the decentralized world.

Therefore, the direction led by Bi ecology exchange is always believed to be altruistic business model, which not only benefits users but also facilitates project parties. Such a high-quality exchange is about to rise, which we will see.

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